Isaac Newton Pickup lines

25 01 2010

I was listening to the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast recently, where Jon Blumenfeld talks about Sir Isaac Newton. It’s a fascinating interview, I recommend it. One of the things mentioned, if briefly, was the belief that Newton died a virgin.

I brought this up at work today. My colleague was all like:
And I’m all like:
‘yes, totally.’
‘that’s sad.’
‘well,’ I say. ‘sad for him, good for science. The man was manic, by all accounts.’
‘you’d think, discovering all those things, that’d get you ****ed.’
Me: ‘yeah, and he’d have good pickup lines too. Like:

‘it’s a good thing I invented optics, so I can see how beautiful you are, baby.’


‘I’m glad I invented calculus, because now I can describe the motion of our bodies, baby.’’

I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people.




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