About The Woolf and Maus

Here at The Woolf and Maus we are incredibly curious. We are fascinated by the world, the ideas it holds and people who create them. Having somehow fallen from the luxury gift set that is formal education, we found that proactive learning, the kind that keeps a brain open yet sharp (think about that metaphor), was going to be a much greater task. We found many people who, staring down the face of a day job, felt similarly: that limits in time and energy did not allow for pursuit of their real intellectual interests.

What a sad state of affairs! A world that doesn’t believe we have the time to invest in becoming more educated? In understanding each other, our planet and our history any better?! The Woolf and Maus became an way to collect up these intellectually dispossessed people and give them a reading room, a place to publish and a point of contact with disciplines outside their own immediate interests.

Welcome and we hope you find some necessary nourishment of the mind.

His studies were pursued but never effectually overtaken.
~ H.G. Wells

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